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Vietnamese Youth Foundation
"together we can make a difference"

Vietnamese Youth Foundation inspires the youths of today to discover and develop their personal best, to seek balance in their mental, physical and social living to make a positive difference in their communities and across the world.

Growth with Activities
Progressive activity helps an individual grow into a
mature and independent person. By improving a youth's
self-esteem, character, work ethic, social adjustment, and
academic performance, they will be more prepared in life
than school has prepared them for.

Vietnamese Youth Foundation Activities
Through positive activity involvement, youths are able to expand and discover their potentials as an individual and as social beings in their community. Therefore, the Vietnamese Youth Foundation has established numerous educational, social activities and events over the past years. These positive activities are grouped into the following type of categories: Sport, Community Services, Parades, and Performances.

Reaching out to the Community
The worst moments often bring out the best in people. Disasters such as hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes often ignite an outpouring of generosity from individuals and communities who are moved to assist those whose lives have been affected. Vietnamese Youth Outreach has volunteered in dozens and dozens of can food donation in the world. The Vietnamese Youth Foundation members reach out beyond the confines of their paid employment and of their normal responsibilities to contribute time and service to a not-for-profit cause in the belief that their activity is beneficial to others as well as satisfying to themselves.

The Vietnamese Youth Foundation strives to attract and involve a diverse and multi-skilled volunteer work force. Our volunteers insure that the Vietnamese Youth Foundation continues to provide effective services that are responsive to the changing needs of the public. Special emphasis is placed on the meaningful involvement of youth and the development of strong young leaders into planning at all levels of the volunteer program. VFY understands the importance of charity and donation.

An average person takes time out of his busy schedule to give a piece of themselves so that someone he will never know has a chance to live. This incredible act of kindness, that allows a stranger to celebrate another birthday, give birth to a child, or share another Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends, is at the heart of what we do. As one of the biggest Vietnamese organization, Vietnamese Youth Foundation depends on members to accomplish one the organization's mission: providing relief to victims of disasters and aiding people in need. Our goal is to provide young people with meaningful opportunities for education, training, and volunteer/community service so that they remain a part of the Vietnamese Youth Foundation family throughout their lives. Young adults ages 17 and older, donate blood. VYF members help with blood drives by recruiting donors, arranging appointments, acting as escorts, and serving refreshments. VFY has been participating in a series of blood-drives since 1999. Our dedication to aiding others is not only an act of kindness, but we believe it's our duty and responsibility.



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