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Vietnamese Youth Foundation
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Community Programs

Mind and Body Center
Mind and Body Martial Arts Center which was opened by the Vietnamese Youth Foundation dedicated to excellence in martial arts training.  The school takes pride in its family type atmosphere
where supportive instructors, students, and parents are active participants. With over 20 years of experience, trained instructors offer comprehensive training programs in the Mind and Body Martial Arts Center. From the beginner through the advance level, each student is offered the opportunity to reach his/her greatest martial arts potential through self-awareness, self-discipline, flexibility, body conditioning, balance, endurance, self-confidence, strength and character... [Learn More]

Multicultural Health and Prevention Care Center (MHPCC)
The Free Vietnamese Youth Foundation is pleased to announce the opening of Multicultural Health and Prevention Care Center (MHPCC) in the city of Garden Grove, California, in a joint effort to provide health services to the community. MHPCC is a non-profit health care center, providing public health care and services to low-income familes and individuals. The formation of MHPCC was made possible from the collaboration of many passionate volunteer groups, which include the Vietnamese Community of Southern County, Local Community Health Services, Volunteer Organizations, Healthcare groups, Doctors, Pharmacists, Dentists, and Nurses. MHPCC primary goal is to provide quality and cost effective services for the growing health care needs in the communities... [Learn More]

Educational Programs
To enhance the educational opportunities available to young people both outside of school, special emphasis is placed on making education more relevant to young people's needs and the application of technology to expand and enrich young people's educational opportunities. In 1999, Vietnamese Youth Foundation developed a program in Orange County to tutor kids in need of help in school. Over a dozen volunteers from University of Southern California, University of Irvine, University of Los Angeles, and University of San Diego aided kids from ages 10 to 18 in mathematics, English, biology, and chemistry... [Learn More]




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