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Young students humorously listening as their writings are being read to the class

 Instructor Hoa Trinh looking at Tammy's work

For more information on Vietnamese class, please contact (714) 534-0999.


or mail to:
12755 Brookhurst St., Suite 202
Garden Grove, CA 92840
(714) 638-997 (fax)


Learning Vietnamese
Other languages have always been keys that open doors and provide new opportunities. It is still true. However, languages have done more than that. Languages have brought us together. Language is so integral to every aspect to our life that understanding it is not only instantaneous communication but also is accepting and acting on the reality of our environment.

After nearly 30 years living abroad, most Vietnamese, in general, have achieved a stable life financially as well as spiritually in the land far away from home. However, many school-aged children and young adults in Vietnamese families are increasingly facing difficulties in speaking, reading and writing in Vietnamese. As a result, they often lack the knowledge in understanding Vietnamese culture, from social behaviors among fellow Vietnamese to lifestyle in the family or socialization between relatives. They even lack the deep understanding of their parent's love, passion and thinking.
They often face difficulties when socializing with Vietnamese communities due largely to lack of Vietnamese language skills. As a result, they tend to avoid socializing with Vietnamese people and prefer socializing with American friends instead in most cases.
Many parents have expressed their deep concerns seeing their children growing up without adequate understanding of Vietnamese language. In fact, the children are reluctant to speak Vietnamese because of the lack of vocabulary, being afraid to be laughed at when speaking incorrectly, or having few opportunities to use the language.

On April 4, 2004, the Vietnamese Youth Foundation of Orange County Chapter began its summer session of Vietnamese Class.
109 applied for class, 84 showed up. Some still sleepy because of the time change.

Most of the children came with their parents, some were “forced.” “I don’t really want to learn, I want to sleep in, but my mom said I have to” said Tommy Tran, 10 of Anaheim. Others have a different perspective. “It’s important for me to learn another language, especially for work” said Trang Nguyen who works for a Social office, having bilingual skills might mean being promoted.

But for those who realized the importance of getting back to their roots, when asked why learn Vietnamese, Hanh Do replied: “It’s a way of getting closer to my parents, I want to listen to what I missed when I was younger.”

Many of the instructors were former teachers in Vietnam. Sacrificing their time on Sunday means a lot. “I’m often afraid of what might happen in the next generation. 3 hours a week to see these kids, not a problem.” Said Le Tu of Los Angeles who drives 1 hour and half each Sunday to teach.

Class will continue each Sunday from 9am – 12pm, with a 15 minute break at 10:30am. It’s free, open to the public.

For more information on this class, please contact (714) 534-0999.

Tong Doan Thanh Nien Viet Nam
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